Wraparound Care

Wraparound Care - Breakfast Club and After School Club at Hackbridge Primary School

At Hackbridge, we offer limited place wraparound care facilities through paid childcare packages as follows: (please check with each service below for details of place availability).

We would always advise you to explore other alternative options for the eventuality that either of the wraparound care services on site are met with demand which exceeds capacity.

Hackbridge Breakfast Club (Term Time Only)

Breakfast Club is run and managed by the school. It is a not-for-profit provision with payments covering staffing and food costs. Any parent needing a place for their child(ren) at the Breakfast Club should contact the School Office regarding place availability and waiting lists.

The Hackbridge Breakfast Club is open before school starts each morning during term time as follows:

Hackbridge Corner site: the Breakfast Club on the Hackbridge Corner site is for pupils in Honeybees (30 hour Nursery class), Reception, Year 1, 2, 5 or 6 only. It opens at 7.30am.

London Road site: the Breakfast Club on the London Road site is for pupils in Year 3 and 4 only. It opens at 7.45am.

We do not offer a walking bus service between sites. 

Please note that the Breakfast Club opens at different times on the two school sites to allow for parents who are dropping to both sites to have done so no later than 7.45am. Parents/Carers need to be aware that the Breakfast Club on the London Road site will never open as early as the one on the Hackbridge Corner site, so parents/carers need to plan for this when their children change sites for Years 3 and 4.

The Club does not open on INSET days or during school holiday periods.

Membership of the Club is restricted to children who attend Hackbridge Primary School who are in Honeybees (30 hour Nursery class) or any class in Reception to Year 6. Places are limited and priority is given according to the criteria in the Breakfast Club Admissions Policy. We do not have capacity to offer ad hoc places.

To attend the Hackbridge Breakfast Club provision, parents enter into a contract with the school. 

The school operates a strict NO DEBT and NO CREDIT policy in relation to attendance at Breakfast Club. This means that all money for attendance at Breakfast Club must be paid in advance – children cannot attend unless their place has been paid for in advance. If a place in the Breakfast Club is agreed, parents will need a ParentPay account to make Breakfast Club fee payments - there are no cash payment facilities.

If you want to apply to be considered for a place in our Breakfast Club, please email office@hackbridgeprimary.sutton.sch.uk asking for a Breakfast Club application pack. Please be aware that places are limited each day and we will advise you as soon as we are able as to whether we can offer your child a place or not. Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Application packs can be obtained from the School Office or downloaded here.

 Jancett After School Club (Term Time Only)

The school works in collaboration with the Jancett Group of Day Nurseries who provide a Play Safe club 'Hackbridge Harriers' for our pupils from the end of the school day during term time. Jancett only cater for Hackbridge pupils between Reception and Year 6 within the after school club. Places are limited.

Hackbridge Corner site: the 'Hackbridge Harriers' club on the Hackbridge Corner site will be for pupils in Reception, Year 1, 2, 5 or 6 only. The latest collection time from the Hackbridge Corner Harriers Club will be 6.30pm.

London Road site: the 'Hackbridge Harriers' club on the London Road site is for pupils in Year 3 and 4 only. The latest collection time from the London Road site club will be 6.15pm.

To attend the Jancett 'Hackbridge Harriers' provision, parents enter into a direct contract with Jancett; the school has no involvement in the administration or running of the after school club provision. More information about place availability and current fees are available from Jancett on 020 8669 1725 or via playsafeadmin@jancett.co.uk

The current Jancett Playsafe flyer can be viewed here.

Jancett also have a new Playsafe website at https://jancettplaysafe.co.uk/ 

The 'Hackbridge Harriers' club page is at https://jancettplaysafe.co.uk/breakfast-after-school-clubs/playsafe-at-hackbridge/

PLEASE NOTE that there is no holiday club provision on the school sites, but Jancett do run holiday club provision elsewhere in the borough. More details are available at https://jancettplaysafe.co.uk/holiday-clubs/ 



Please be advised that places in both Breakfast Club and After School Club are strictly limited and already expanded to the full capacity permissible for the space occupied.