Registering Your Email Address

The school sends out whole school letters and those which are year group specific for your child to the e-mail address of the registered primary parent/carer with legal parental responsibility for the child, where these have been provided to us. In this instance, the e-mailed communication replaces any paper copy.

If you are unable to print out any permission slip which needs to be completed and returned, the School Office will be able to provide you with one of these.

Should any second parents/carers with legal parental responsibility wish to receive copies of the whole school letters direct to their e-mail addresses, please contact the School Office who can arrange this for you. We will add second parents/carers to this list where we have seen evidence of legal parental responsibility.

At Hackbridge Primary School...

The school uses the ParentPay system to send out these communications, so please ensure that your e-mail system accepts the e-mails sent from

At Spencer Nursery School...

Emails will be sent from our email account.