General Information

Located close to Hackbridge Station, our school has been at the heart of our community since the end of the nineteenth century.

Having been a popular three form entry primary school with a maintained nursery on our Hackbridge Corner site for many years, we became a four form entry primary school, with maintained nurseries, on a split site as of autumn 2019. Our most recently added London Road site is the first Passivhaus Plus school building in the country.

During the continuing phase of our expansion, in the 2023/2024 academic year we will be four forms of entry in Reception through to Year 4 (with a published admissions number of 120 in each of these year groups) and three forms of entry (with a published admissions number of 90) in Years 5 & 6.

Our expansion to fully four forms of entry will be complete by September 2025.

Our School Sites

The use of our school sites is as follows:

Hackbridge Corner site: Nursery (15 hour (AM & PM) classes & 30 hour class) plus all Reception, Year 1, 2, 5 & 6 classes

London Road site: all Year 3 & 4 classes

Across our sites, the school is very fortunate to have specialist provisions for ICT and Design & Technology as well as well-equipped libraries on both school sites. In addition to these, we also have a specialist Sports Hall at our Hackbridge Corner site and a playing field on our London Road site. On both sites, we have wonderful pond areas providing an ideal space for science and quiet activities.

Due to the way in which the year groups are organised across our two sites, we are fortunate to be able to offer children the opportunity to access age-appropriate play spaces as they move through the school.

School Structure

The Early Years Foundation Stage consists of our three Nursery classes (15 hour classes in the morning and the afternoon and a 30 hour all day class) and four Reception classes.

Applications for Nursery places are made directly to the school.

Parents must apply separately to the London Borough of Sutton Admissions Department in the academic year before their child turns five to apply for a place in our Reception classes (please visit

At the end of the Reception year, children move automatically into Key Stage 1. This covers Years 1 and 2; children aged 5 years to 7 years.

At the end of Year 2, children move automatically into Key Stage 2. This covers Years 3 to 6, children aged 7 to 11.

At the end of Year 6, children move to a wide range of secondary schools. Parents/carers have to apply to the London Borough of Sutton Admissions Department by the end of the October of their child's year in Year 6 for their secondary school place for the following September.

Each class in Key Stage 1 and 2 is named after an animal or bird:

Nursery classes: Caterpillars (8.30am-11.30am) Tadpoles (12.30pm-3.30pm) Honeybees (9.00am-3.00pm)  
Reception classes: Badgers Hedgehogs Moles Squirrels
Year 1 classes: Dolphins Sea Otters Seals Turtles
Year 2 classes: Leopards Lions Panthers Tigers
Year 3 classes: Eagles Flamingos Peacocks Toucans
Year 4 classes: Lemurs Meerkats Raccoons Red Pandas
Year 5 classes: Caribous Orcas Penguins  
Year 6 classes: Elephants Giraffes Rhinos Zebras

All pupils start their Reception year at the Hackbridge Corner site and remain educated on that site until the end of Year 2. For Years 3 & 4, they move to the London Road site. They return to the Hackbridge Corner site for Years 5 & 6.

Pupils at either school site will access the facilities and resources on either school site during each year, e.g. the school playing field on the London Road site or the Sports Hall on our Hackbridge Corner site, for special events.

Timings of the School Day/Week

In 2023/2024, the length of the school week for all pupils from Reception to Year 6 will be 32 hours, 30 minutes.

Year Group School Site

Gates open at...

Gates close/Official start of the school day Playtime Lunchtime Official end of the school day Total taught time per week* Total time on school site per week (taught time plus unstructured time*)
Nursery Hackbridge Corner

Caterpillars: 8.25am

Honeybees: 8.55am

Tadpoles: 12.25pm

Caterpillars: 8.30am

Honeybees: 9.00am

Tadpoles: 12.30pm

N/A - EYFS Continuous provision

Caterpillars: N/A

Honeybees: 11.30am-12.25pm

Tadpoles: N/A

Caterpillars: 11.30am

Honeybees: 3.00pm

Tadpoles: 3.30pm

See adjacent column

Caterpillars: 15 hours

Honeybees: 30 hours

Tadpoles: 15 hours

Reception Hackbridge Corner 8.35am 8.45am N/A - EYFS Continuous provision 11.30am-12.25pm 3.15pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes
Year 1 Hackbridge Corner 8.35am 8.45am 10.35am-10.50am 12.30pm-1.25pm 3.15pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes
Year 2 Hackbridge Corner 8.35am 8.45am 10.35am-10.50am 12.30pm-1.25pm 3.15pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes
Year 3

London Road

8.50am 9.00am 10.50am-11.05am 12.35pm-1.30pm 3.30pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes
Year 4 London Road 8.50am 9.00am 10.50am-11.05am 12.35pm-1.30pm 3.30pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes
Year 5 Hackbridge Corner 8.35am 8.45am 10.35am-10.50am 12.20pm-1.15pm 3.15pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes
Year 6 Hackbridge Corner 8.35am 8.45am 10.35am-10.50am 12.20pm-1.15pm 3.15pm 25 hours 32 hours 30 minutes

* During a normal school week, twenty five hours are spent on teaching for Reception to Year 6. This 'taught time' includes all lessons. 'Unstructured time' includes any time outside of timetabled lessons within the official school day such as morning and afternoon registration periods, assemblies, playtime and lunchtime. 

Before and After School

The school cannot accept responsibility for pupils before the gates are open for Reception to Year 6 pupils or before the start time of each nursery class session.

It is important that all children arrive for school on time. Any child arriving after this time is late for school and will be marked as such in the register. Children who arrive after registration has closed will be marked as 'Late Absent'; this is seen as an unauthorised absence.

At the end of the day any parent who is going to be delayed is asked to ensure that they have telephoned the School Office by 2:30pm so that their child can be reassured and looked after until their arrival. If you are delayed on route, please also make sure that you telephone the School Office to update them.

In the interests of safety, if your child is being collected by someone other than yourself the school must be informed, or your child will not be allowed to leave.

During school hours, no child is allowed to leave the school premises unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Please let us know in advance of any appointments for your child in school time. They should be collected from the School Office.

Wraparound Care Services: Breakfast Club & After School Club

The school has a Breakfast Club on each site which caters for specific year groups. More information can be found here. Any parent needing a place at the Breakfast Club should contact the School Office for an application pack and details of place availability.

The school works in collaboration with the Jancett Group of Day Nurseries, who provide a Play Safe club on both of our Hackbridge Primary School sites for specific year groups. More information is available from the School Office or from Jancett here.

Please be advised that places in both Breakfast Club and After School Club are strictly limited and already expanded to the full capacity permissible for the space occupied.


We take security very seriously at Hackbridge Primary School. All doors to the highway are protected by digital locks and we have a CCTV system.

All visitors coming into the school buildings, including parents, must use the front door and sign in and out at the school office using the computerised inVentry system. Visitors who have an up to date DBS certificate are asked to register the details with the school office. All helpers within school have police clearance in line with DBS guidelines. Visitors who do not have a DBS check are not left alone on the school premises.