Hackbridge Primary School and Spencer Nursery School are happy to receive suggestions and compliments and talk about concerns that help them identify areas of success and areas in which they could improve. Where a concern is brought to our attention it can almost always be resolved with a single conversation. Sometimes an issue is more complex and will take more than one discussion to resolve.

The process for raising a concern/complaint is as follows:

If you want to raise a concern with the school please either complete our ‘Concern Form’ available from the school office or telephone or email us.

In the first instance, any concerns or complaints must be raised with and responded to by the class teacher.

If the class teacher is not able to resolve the matter, then you should ask to meet with the class teacher and year group leader to discuss this further.

If the matter is still unresolved after this, then you can ask for the concern/complaint to be escalated to a member of the Senior Leadership Team - one of our Assistant Headteachers or the Deputy Headteacher will respond and will arrange a meeting with you in a timely manner (within 5 working days of the request).

If you feel that the matter is still unresolved at this point, you can then escalate the matter formally by completing a School Complaint Form (Appendix B of our Complaints Procedure Policy) to raise a formal complaint (Stage 1) with the Headteacher (please see the policy for further details).

Should this still not resolve the matter, then, if the complainant has in the first instance, sought to resolve the concern through an informal approach to the school and then subsequently made a formal complaint to the Headteacher and is dissatisfied with the outcome, they may escalate the matter further by raising it to the Governing Body (Stage 2) containing the information specificed in the policy.

Please use the link below to view our complaints policy.