Behaviour that constitutes bullying

Definition: We define bullying as any sustained behaviour, verbal, non-verbal or physical, which is intentionally intimidating and causes hurt or distress to others irrespective whether it is prejudiced based bulling related to: SEN, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability.

The school recognises that any child is capable of bullying behaviour, no matter how young. Children will be encouraged not to be passive bystanders and to realise that 'telling an adult or another person' is brave rather than cowardly, in a bullying situation.


We recognise the following behaviours as being forms of bullying:

  • teasing, tormenting or singling a child out
  • name calling
  • physical hurting - kicking, punching, pinching, pushing, biting or tripping up
  • inciting others to do something wrong, verbally or physically
  • extortion especially involving another child's belongings
  • taunts about family, race, appearance, disability, possessions etc.
  • touching other children or children's clothing against their wishes
  • destroying or hiding another child's belongings
  • interfering with play or games
  • ridiculing, destroying or interfering with another child's work
  • deliberately excluding another child from play and/or inciting other children to do likewise
  • using threatening behaviour - verbal or non-verbal


We will deal with bullying through the use of the following strategies:

  • The victim will be supported and reassured. The perpetrator must be aware that this is happening and why.
  • The adult will find out what has happened and why it has happened
  • The perpetrator will be supported to understand why their behaviour is unacceptable and what they need to do to put the situation right.
  • All staff will monitor the perpetrator's general behaviour and extra support will be given to him/her if needed, following a reported incident of bullying behaviour.
  • Parents will be involved at an early stage on both sides. We will do this by speaking to the parents of both the perpetrator and the victim and explaining the incident and the outcome. We will also seek support from the perpetrators parents to ensure that the bulling behaviour does not reoccur.
  • If the incident involves racial harassment, the appropriate LA forms and procedures must be applied (see Racial Equality Policy) and parents will be informed as above.
  • All adults will always listen, take seriously and act on what a child/children or parents/carers have to say.


Working in partnership with parents:

  • The school recognises that to achieve this high standard of acceptable behaviour, we need to work in partnership with parents and be supportive, to all involved.
  • We would in turn expect parents to react positively to our requests to discuss their child's behaviour and any difficulties they may be having and to work with the school on how this should be improved/changed.
  • The school will give or enable parents/carers to get positive support with the management of their child's behaviour and any issues that may arise. Outside agencies may be involved if this level of support is deemed appropriate.



  • The Learning and Attainment Committee will monitor this policy on a one-year cycle.
  • Any changes to the policy will be discussed with governors and the staff will be informed as soon as possible, following ratification by governors.
  • Permanent members of staff will be given this policy in an individual policy document file, which they will be required to read and understand and abide by the guidance given.
  • The Headteacher will ensure that the policy is given to all new members of staff and that they understand they have to abide by the guidance given in the policy at all times. This policy will also be given to students and supply staff who work at the school.
  • New families will be given this policy before their child starts at the school and will be asked to agree to the contents of the policy as part of the Contract between the family and the school.
  • Senior staff will ensure that the detail of this policy is followed by teams at all times and will report concerns to the Headteacher immediately.