Our School Rules

School Rules

Be Safe:

  • Thinking about my safety and the safety of others
  • Moving around the school carefully and quietly
  • Using equipment as it is meant to be used
  • Following instructions


Be Ready:

  • Coming to school every day I can
  • Being on-time
  • Wearing correct uniform
  • Bringing the correct equipment to school (diary, reading book, PE kit)
  • Bringing back home learning on time
  • Listening to others
  • Following instructions first time
  • Taking an active part in learning


Be Kind:

  • Talking about how I am feeling
  • Thinking about how others may be feeling
  • Being respectful to others
  • Resolving problems calmly
  • Helping others
  • Giving myself the best possible chance to learn
  • Not disturbing others’ learning


These rules have been designed to be simple and easy for all to remember. All expectations of behaviour in the school will relate to these three core rules.