The school is non-denominational. It teaches the basic principles of the Christian faith and celebrates the main festivals with appropriate teaching. Children are also encouraged to understand that they are part of a wider community and aspects of other major religions and their festivals are discussed.

There are daily assemblies which can include:

Motivational Assembly – these are usually with a focus on any nationally or internationally recognised days such as Children’s Mental Health Week, Safer Internet Day, International Day of Democracy, International Day of Peace, St George’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, St Andrew’s Day, St David’s Day etc, as well as sometimes having a specific religious theme.

Inspiration Assembly – these are led by different staff members and may have a focus on an interest or subject.

Singing Assembly.

Celebration Assembly (the sharing and celebration of pupil achievements by teachers).

Class Assembly with either a PSHE theme or specific religious theme.

Withdrawal from Assemblies

Parents may withdraw their children from assemblies which have a religous focus and the school has a duty to supervise them, though not to provide additional teaching or to incur extra cost. All requests for withdrawal must be addressed to the Headteacher who will arrange for you to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss this further. The school does not support selective withdrawal from assemblies about specific religions.

Parents cannot withdraw their children from assemblies with a PSHE theme.