Applications for places in Reception to Year 6 at Hackbridge Primary School

As a Community School, Hackbridge Primary School admits pupils in line with the London Borough of Sutton Admissions policy. The exact dates for admission are laid down by the London Borough of Sutton and their policies are available here.


All pupils start their Reception year at the Hackbridge Corner site and remain educated on that site until the end of Year 2. For Years 3 & 4, they move to the London Road site. They return to the Hackbridge Corner site for Years 5 & 6.

Pupils at either school site access the facilities and resources on either school site during each year, e.g. the school playing field on the London Road site or the Sports Hall on our Hackbridge Corner site, for special events.



Children are admitted into Reception in the September of the academic year in which they will have their fifth birthday.

Children who attend our nursery have to make a separate starting school application to join Reception, as there is no automatic transfer.

Applications for Reception places must be made online to the local authority Admissions Department. For Sutton residents, this can be found at

In-year Admissions

Applications outside of the usual starting school point in Reception are referred to as 'in-year' applications, regardless of the time of year that you want your child to join us.

If we have vacancies in-year across any year group from Reception to Year 6 in the school, we may be able to admit children 'in-year'.

Applications for in-year entry need to be made centrally to the local authority Admissions Department.

Sutton Admissions Team can be contacted on 020 8770 5000 or online at

On their website, Sutton Admissions also has an online vacancy checker so that parents/carers can see whether there are currently vacancies in a particular year group. 

Please note that the school does not manage their own waiting lists for places in Reception to Year 6 - these are managed centrally by the London Borough of Sutton and so any enquiries about place availability need to be directed to them.




When children begin Reception, the cohort is divided between four classes. Where information about a child’s pre-school or day nursery has been included in their ‘starting school’ application, we will contact that setting so that we can plan for their needs when they start school.

It is school policy to place twins/triplets/quads in separate classes from when they join us in Reception, or at any other point of joining us, including if and when we mix classes across the year group.

We do not have a fixed policy on mixing classes each year, but it is in the best interests of all children that we consider the make-up of classes on an annual basis in order that their quality of learning is maximised and it is therefore policy for us to look at each year group in the summer term to decide whether any remixing would be beneficial. Parents are always notified where we are considering this for any year group and we would like to reassure you that this is never a decision which is taken lightly.

If your child begins at a normal transfer point then you will be invited to attend one of our intake meetings where the process of ‘starting nursery’ or ‘starting school’ will be explained.

If your child joins us as an 'in-year' entrant where any in-year vacancies occur, we will invite you to an Admissions meeting before they join the school. We will also ensure that your child spends some time with a member of our Inclusion Team when they join us. This will help them to settle in quickly and ensure that they have several members of the school team who they can turn to in their first few days.

Tours for prospective parents are run fortnightly by the Senior Leadership Team.

Please see our School Tours/Open Days page for details of the times and dates when you can visit the school - places on school tours can be booked by telephoning the School Office on 020 8647 7974 or emailing .