Spencer Nursery School

Spencer Road, Mitcham Junction, Hackbridge, Surrey, CR4 4JP

Federated with Hackbridge Primary School



General Information

Spencer Nursery School adheres to the admission policy of the London Borough of Sutton for places at the school.

In Seniors, 4 year old children will be considered before 3 year old children, after which priority will be given on the basis of Special Educational Need (SEN), attendance of an older sibling or residency within the London Borough of Sutton. The school does admit children from neighbouring boroughs if places are available at the time of admission.

Admissions to Mini Macs (3 months to 2 years of age plus one term)

A waiting list is in operation for places within this unit. There are 12 places per day in Mini Macs, children can attend on anything from one day to five days, per week. Once a place becomes available families are contacted by telephone and an offer is made. If the first family contacted turns down the place the next family on the waiting list is contacted until the place is filled.  It is advisable to place your name on the waiting list as early as possible due to the high demand for places in Mini Macs.  Many families choose to apply for a place when they are expecting.  Please be aware that if you apply when you are expecting we would not contact you with regard to places until you have informed us of baby's date of birth and name.

Admissions to Mini Fi's (2 to 3 years of age plus one term)

Mini Fi’s currently offers 5 private, full time places per day for 2 and 3 year olds. Mini Fi’s also provides 2 Year Old Free Education Funding (FEF) Places. We currently offer 10 places per day for FEF, 3 in the morning, 4 mid-day sessions and 3 in the afternoon. Morning sessions run from 8.00am-11.50pm, mid-day sessions run from 10.15am-2.05pm and afternoon sessions run from 1.00pm-4.50pm. Children are eligible for 2 Year FEF from the term after they turn 2 years of age.

Waiting lists are in operation for both private and FEF places within Mini Fi’s.

To apply for a private place please fill out the relevant application form and return to the school office with £10.00 administration fee, which is non-refundable.

To apply for a FEF places, families are required to complete an eligibility form, these are available at the school office only. Your completed form is sent to the Local Authority for confirmation of eligibility. If your family is eligible for 2 year FEF then you will be placed on the Mini Fi’s waiting list. As and when places become available, families are contacted to offer places.

The Local Authority also informs Spencer Nursery School of eligible families within the local area. The school routinely contacts families, who are eligible, to make the necessary admission arrangements. Spencer Nursery School maintains a waiting list for places.

Admissions to Seniors (3 years of age plus one term to 4 years of age)

The childcare provision within the Seniors unit is more flexible as we have more places available each day. Full and part time places are available year round and all children receive 15 hours of Free Education Funding, for 38 weeks of the year, as part of this offer. This has to be taken over a minimum of three days. All places include this entitlement and fees will be calculated against additional childcare hours attended each day.

In addition 15 Free Education Funding places are available per day for families who wish to access this provision for term time only (over 38 weeks per year). FEF places are offered on a 3 day per week basis, with children attending from 9.00am-2.00pm on their set days.

Children who are not accomodated for a place will remain on the waiting list until a place becomes available.  Families are welcome to get in contact with the school to find out if there is any progress.

Cautionary Note: - Although Spencer Nursery School will try to allocate places in the next units for children who attend Mini Macs and/or Mini Fi's there is no guarantee of a place for when your child is due to transition. Individual advice will be given to all families.